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06:58:25 PM Aug 22nd 2012
Why exactly are the Vong hated? Some of it is that they're a Replacement Scrappy, but is that the only reason are their more?
06:34:37 PM Dec 4th 2012
edited by MasterGhandalf
I think it's part Replacement Scrappy from people who think the Sith and Imperials are the iconic Star Wars villains, part feeling that they don't fit the setting well because they're too grimdark and don't have the Force, and part feeling that their Organic Technology is silly (which makes no sense to me, anyway, because it's not like Star Wars is known for its hard science anyway, but I have seen it). In any event, Vong-hate (like NJO-hate in general) seems to have died down some lately at least on, probably due in part to the fact that Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi make the NJO look real good in comparison.

Myself, I always liked the Vong for being Creepy Awesome Outside Context Villains, for being a fascinatingly warped culture without falling into the easy-out of being Always Chaotic Evil, and for producing Nom Anor, who just might be my favorite EU villain after Thrawn. Admittedly, I think they get much more interesting later in the series as the inner workins of their society get fleshed out- doubt I'd be nearly as fond of them if not for Nom's and Nen Yim's arcs (and Tahiri's, for a given value of "Yuuzhan Vong"). I do wonder how many of the haters (and those who seem to think genocide was actually an acceptable solution to the problem) ragequit after Cherwie or Anakin died and never forgave the Vong for either.
12:28:05 AM Jun 17th 2012
I was wondering, shouldn't the picture on the page be something that's more accurate to the series than what appears to be Jaina Solo fighting an alien that only appears in that book? Like maybe some of those awesome artwork used for the Japanese versions of the series?
04:07:25 PM Apr 27th 2011
Does Droma qualify as a Replacement Scrappy? I thought about putting that in here, but I wasn't following the online discussion of the series back when it came out and thus don't know how the majority of fans reacted to him. Google searches to find out haven't yielded much.
06:20:50 PM Jul 21st 2011
Don't hear much about it these days, which tells me that any disliking for the character wasn't all that long-lasting, if it was there in the first place. I'd say he probably doesn't fit.
07:45:41 AM Apr 1st 2011
I'm curious: on what basis are the Vong compared to the Borg? The forces of Chaos from Warhammer 40K I can see. The Borg? Not so much.
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