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10:21:52 PM Oct 10th 2012
I'm thinking that the page image is Just a Face and a Caption. It doesn't really show off the trope. It's just some anime character wearing a hat. Does anyone have any suggestions of a more elaborate image?
01:36:52 AM Oct 11th 2012
She's holding it down onto her head; it's good enough. Illustrating every part of the trope would probably require a collage of one character.
08:15:47 PM Nov 10th 2012
Alright. Fine by me.
08:17:48 AM Jan 5th 2013
I disagree. Not only it's JAFAAC, it's also hard to tell if she's holding it down to her head or removing it, which is the very opposite of what we want to portray here.

We could easily portray it better by showing a character wearing a hat in some kind of situation where they shouldn't (taking a bath, wedding, etc.).
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