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03:31:47 PM Oct 25th 2010
Is Neil Cassidy named after Jack Kerouac's friend Neal Cassady?
05:08:55 PM Oct 5th 2010
So this is basically "Why You, Yes, You, Should Kill Yourself Right Now: The Book", right?
08:18:37 AM Jul 19th 2011
Or at least "Why the Author Thinks So", yes. His arguments could use some work.
11:01:36 AM Sep 17th 2010
Does Science Is Bad really apply to this book? I'm quoting the article:

"The typical theme is that some sort of advanced scientific research has Gone Horribly Wrong, creating a monster, causing an impending natural disaster and/or a massive government cover-up. The heroes typically discover the side-effects of the research and investigate, discover what's going on, and try to stop it."

Yes, Neil has gone psycho. Yes, we're heading for a "semantic apocalypse". But the point of the book is not to stop research. The point is that science tells us things we can't face, that it doesn't care what we want, because it gives us the facts. Science is completely neutral.
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