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01:47:55 PM Feb 23rd 2013
Are we actually using the phrases 'Neurotypical' and 'Neurodiversity' as if there are accepted terms in the medical community? These are not medical terms they're phrases that were coined by the autistic community as a form of social movement. They are not accepted politically neutral terms as the trope page treats them.
05:31:34 PM Mar 12th 2013
If you can come up with an alternative that doesn't come across as an insult (like "mental illness"), I (the page-creator) would be fine with a change. This one is clunky, but it's the best I could come up with.
01:55:37 AM Mar 14th 2013
Nonstandard neurological development? I don't know. 'Neurodiversity' will do I suppose. It's just the term has almost as much problems with as the term 'mental illness' does.
02:48:35 PM Mar 17th 2013
What's probably most preferable is something cute that sums up the trope, and that wouldn't have to literally describe it like it does now (creating need for a neutral term).
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