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02:43:32 AM Nov 7th 2014
The language entries are completely out of place here. The vocabulary is NOT the same thing as language and does not change the crucial characteristic of a given tongue. Furthermore, incorporation of foreign words is a discerning trait of all living, non-insular languages. It is possible to assume that this trope may include any language that was enriched by different words so thoroughly that it changed its basic grammar or it is impossible to discern which basic language it was originally. The best example would be Ashkenazi-Polish Yiddish that technically derives from German, but lacks its positionality, uses Polish inflexion and is usually heavily peppered with the semitic, agglutinative Hebrew. Different ratios of Polish to German to Hebrew can also be used to denote particular meaning.

The language could fit this trope if it incorporated various _types_ of language, to become fusional, agglutinative and positional at the same time. What is perfectly possible with constructed languages, by the way.