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07:39:07 PM May 19th 2013
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I deleted these entries from the main page. I think they are nateriffic. Some of them are too specific to be mentioned it on the main page which works more or less like an index.

However, I put them here if anybody thinks they should be moved back.

  • Born Unlucky:
    • Case in point — the Costa Concordia which struck a reef and capsized in shallow water on 13 January 2012. Allegedly, the Champagne bottle didn't break at its christening in 2006.

  • Hubris:
    • Executives for the White Star Line said of the Titanic that God Himself could not sink the ship. In Titanic, Cal Hockley (Billy Zane) parrots the company line before boarding.
      • The particular line about "God Himself" wasn't cribbed from the company (who were never crazy enough to call the ship more than "practically" unsinkable, and even that came more from the maritime press of the day.) It was allegedly said to a boarding passenger by an anonymous crewman.
    • The executives of the White Star Line seemed to learn their lesson after the Titanic sank. The Titanic was the second ship of three planned ships in the Olympic-class. The third ship was scheduled to be christened the Gigantic, but was renamed the Britannic. (The Olympic had collided with a Royal Navy cruiser in 1911.) The renaming was for naught — during World War I, the Britannic (which was in service as a Royal Navy hospital ship) struck a mine off the coast of Greece and sank.

  • MacGuffin
    • The expression "born in the shirt" (about the same situation) is a general characteristic of a lucky person in Russia.
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