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06:09:01 PM Feb 15th 2017
Am I the only one who thinks that this page (and its sub-pages) could be better organized? We should all agree on a way to sort it geographically (continents, regions, countries, etc.); and give it a more uniform appearance (such as placing every section under folders instead of headers).
08:32:23 PM Dec 25th 2014
I see that the focus of the North American Stereotypes are Canada and US but Mexico is part of North America. Should not it be moved to that page?
12:20:35 AM Dec 27th 2014
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You have a point there, but there it depends on what the definition of those continents is. Some maps separate North America, Middle America and South America. Others separate North from South America. Other make a separation on basis of language (US and Canada being English and French, thus North America, while all the Latin American countries from Mexico until Argentina most countries in that hemisphere are either Spanish or Portuguese, with a few exceptions, thus South America.)

There is a similar division with Europe, being separated in Western and Eastern Europe, despite the fact that some countries aren't considered to be Eastern Europe as much as they are Southern Europe (Greece, for instance). Russia is also traditionally seen as part of Europe, despite being a far larger chunk of Asia at the same time. Similarly the Middle East is associated with Arabia, yet the North African countries are also part of that.

I guess that Mexico was added to South America more because of the fact that a lot of the Latin American stereotypes from countries like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, ... are also attributed to Mexico. Therefore we could avoid writing the same text twice on two different pages.
02:29:48 PM Mar 6th 2014
People should try to be more neutral about the Cuban ones. I just deleted a statement that says Cubans are lied to by their government that they are more important than they really are. Not that people think they are, but that they actually are. I could tell you many examples that Cuba is actually really important, so that statement was an opinion, NOT a stereotype, and so doesn't belong here.

You don't have to like Cuba, but still, this is not a Forum/Place to discuss that. Only add stereotypes, not Anti-Cuban Propaganda.
05:35:02 PM Jul 16th 2013
Maryland, is missing all together from the u.s states stereotypes. I don't know any about Maryland, so I can't do anything about it, but still....
05:38:03 PM Jul 8th 2012
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Why are Delaware and Washington D.C. filed under American South instead of American Northeast?
10:55:43 AM Feb 14th 2013
Suuuuuuuuper late to the party, but DC because it's south of the Mason-Dixon line, thus technically the South (not culturally, but geographically). Delaware's pretty borderline (... I think that's the first time I've used that word literally), but many points of it are further South than MD, which is counted in the South.
03:37:14 AM Feb 8th 2012
Is "The happiest man on earth lives in..." a British traditional joke, by any chance? I just don't see why on earth you would want to live in a British house.
07:04:30 PM Aug 4th 2012
06:40:52 AM Nov 30th 2011
"Catholic-majority Germany"? Where was Martin Luther born again?

According to Wiki, Roman Catholics and the German Protestant Church(EKD) both have about 30% of the German population (Catholics winning by a slim margin), the remaining 40% being mainly non-Christian religions. States in Germany can choose their official religion independently, which is different to most neighbouring states, most of which have Roman Catholicism as official state religion.

In general, Slavic states are quite as likely to have a strict adherence to Roman Catholicism, just look at Poland.

05:33:01 PM Jul 16th 2012
No european country has an official state religion. German states don't have an official religion either. There are just dominating religions in each state, but this does not make them their official religion.
03:09:46 PM Feb 5th 2011
"Spaniards... In England, the women are seen as fat and ugly." Really? I've never heard of this stereotype. As far as I am aware, the normal English stereotype of Spanish women is more like the Spicy Latina.
04:05:47 AM Jun 15th 2011
I was wondering if you guys knew anything about Jewish women being exceptionally good at performing oral sex? I just finished reading one of Leonard Cohen's (Canadian jew) books where it is mentioned, and i have also seen it mentioned on 4chan and other forums several times. What gives?
10:26:59 AM Feb 14th 2013
Hmm - if you swallow, is it kosher?

Also, the general perception of Spanish women in the UK is that before marriage, they're gorgeous (apart from a tendency towards moustaches and armpit hair) and after marriage, they become the fat, ugly, blown rose stereotype. All Latin women are perceived as having a definite "sell by" date bewore which, they are gorgeous, and after which, they are baggers. This is also applied to Greeks and Italians.
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