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12:05:41 PM Apr 20th 2017
Is there any similar trope for two characters in different franchises who *look* exactly alike?
08:20:06 AM Jan 15th 2017
edited by Mhazard
NamesTheSame Page Folder Fix Proposal:

During late November 2016, I was working on adding folders for each page for easier management. However, I messed it up in the NamesTheSame/RealVsFictional page by wrongfully arranging personal names by their first names (instead of last names as it's supposed to be).

Since I had several edit suspension records note , I'm currently illegible to continue editing by myself and I need a few helps on adding folders and arranging the name.

  • 1. On folder listing, should I arrange it as 6 alphabets per folder (A-F, G-L, etc.) or each alphabet has its own folder (e.g. A, b, C, etc.)?
  • 2. On personal name sorting, when it comes to Japanese personal names , should they follow the rule in which names are ordered by last names? Should I place the surname or the first name at the front? note 

Anyway, I've made quite a mess there and I wish I can undo my mistakes. I'd appreciate If I can receive a few tips or helps on re-arranging personal names and folders there.

07:03:02 PM Jul 18th 2015
Does the GTO example (the cars made by Ferrari, Pontiac, Mitsubishi plus the IMSA racing class vs Great Teacher Onizuka) belong in cross media or real vs fictional now? I'm confused.
07:00:37 PM Jan 22nd 2015
Is there a trope where Name's The Same applies to two or more characters within the same work? For example, the three Sarah Connor's from The Terminator.
01:20:38 AM Jan 23rd 2015
You might want to ask in the Trope Finder.
07:21:16 AM Jan 23rd 2015
That's more an aversion of One Steve Limit.
02:29:24 PM Oct 14th 2014
I want to add this to the description, but I'm not totally sure if it's right, I think it is, but I need advice:

"For those who are unfamiliar with intellectual property laws, it's totally okay to name a character with the same name as another one, if the name is trademarked (not copyrighted), then you won't be able to use it in the title of your work and in promotional material but still can use in the work."
01:37:04 AM Oct 15th 2014
That may be better off in Analysis.Names The Same.
10:28:54 PM Jul 23rd 2014
Name's the Same can be a trope rather than trivia. It is frequently invoked as form of humor (in Who's on First? sense) or as a plot device involving Mistaken Identity. I do think it is true that a lot of examples listed are trivia rather than trope, but it needs to be tightened up rather than simply declared "trivia, not trope." Just my two cents.
01:18:52 AM Jul 24th 2014
That seems like two characters in the same story having similar names. This trope is for names shared by characters in different works.
11:53:51 AM Oct 22nd 2012
Name's the Same and The Name's The Same are different pages. There were around 5 links to The Name's The Same that should have linked to Name's the Same; I have fixed those links.
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