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08:07:04 AM Feb 19th 2017
"Murder Boots"

Before the The Reveal, the audience only ever sees the murderer/arsonist/criminal shown from the legs down, and they're usually wearing boots. A good way to tell if someone is evil is to recognize them via their boots, which often prompts TV Mystery writers to vary the shoes worn by the perpetrator, having only one "special pair" as the "Murder Boots."

If the series doesn't always have the murderer wearing boots (for example: high heels or tennis shoes), then an alternative trope would be "Murderers Only Have Legs."
08:20:20 PM Dec 17th 2016
edited by MartyDosh
"Actually, he's my son."

Seen in many murder mysteries, part of the final reveal explains the strange behaviour of one or more characters by the fact that they are actually family. This is usually explained, or prompted, by the lead detective, and is usually critical to the motive for murder, or explained as a red herring.

I think this deserves an entry.
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