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11:39:13 AM Jan 1st 2016
This a Figure Four Headscissors, not a TRUE triangle choke. See this video - - for a triangle choke.

A Figure Four Headscissors is here:
05:10:28 PM Dec 5th 2012
Different Name:

I know we usually try to keep tropes under one name to increase understanding, recognition, and consolidation. This way, all instances of the trope can be kept under one roof.

However, I feel like the name of this one could use some improvement. If I hadn't heard of the specific name of this "Murderous thighs" trope before, how would I find it? If I saw it and wanted to identify it, the most intuitive thing to do would be to search for "grapple enemy with crotch"; that leads us to a simpler and more intuitive name: crotch grapple.

Not only is "crotch grapple" more intuitive, it tells you exactly what the trope entails right in the name. It's differentiated from "Groin Attack" because instead of the groin acting as a target, it's being used as a tool to grapple the opponent. Easier recognition in search engines will lead to more people recognizing examples and submitting them.

What do you think?
11:05:36 AM Dec 6th 2012
edited by lakingsif
I think it's fine, easy to understand. When thinking of the actual move, one would think of thighs; especially since that UK Avengers conference where Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner discuss quite what it's called - speaking of which, I'm surprised as to why neither Avengers, Assemble! (this redirects to the comic... what do you put for the film?) nor the interview discussion are listed as examples. Though, it is rather hard to spot in the film - Black Widow uses it tied to the chair near the beginning against one of the cronies.
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