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01:54:40 AM Aug 16th 2012
I removed the following bit from the Ultraman Tiga example:

Joke Character (Tiga Dark), Stone Wall (Tiga Tornado) and Master of None (Tiga Blast) *.

The hottip outright says these are Evolution Powerup. Plus, during the movie when he actually uses those forms, he wasn't actually capable of switching between them at will. He powered up from one form to the next.

06:28:12 AM Aug 17th 2012
No objection.

I guess the relation between Evolution Powerup and Multiform Balance should be elaborate more...hmmm
01:04:48 AM Jun 29th 2012
edited by Kuruni
Just overhauled the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED entry. Just pick Strike and Impulse out because they're two that actaully use more than single Mecha Expansion Pack. Frankly enough, while ZAKU is compatible with three Wizards, each unit only use one (Luna alway use Gunner, Rey alway use Blaze).

Of cause, they can be add later as well as other units.
12:04:47 AM Jun 28th 2012
Bits about Den-O's performance. Please check official pages for Sword form and Wing form and compare. Basically Wing form has weaker punch (4t to 5t), but make up with stronger kick (8t to 7t). However, it's much superior in term of speed, with much better jump ability (50m to 35m) and running speed (3.8 sec/100m to 5.2 sec/100m). There is reason why Wing form was listed as Super Mode for a while.

Hope this can prevent the edit war.
10:18:29 AM Jun 28th 2012
Majority? Come on, how you know it's really majority? I don't care who's insisting, but your statement is against official stats (which I provide above). And yes, I did watched it.

I don't revert it back to avoid Edit War, but it's clear that we need another voice.
10:53:40 AM Jun 28th 2012
Here's the entry.

Try to talk about it please, before attempting to add it back.
11:26:00 AM Jun 28th 2012
The other opinion* on the entry is thus

I feel that it reflects the truth better
12:05:24 PM Jun 28th 2012
I think you can put the entry back the way it used to be, because the only one who felt it needed to be changed was a ban evader who got into an Edit War.
08:34:02 PM Jun 28th 2012
edited by Kuruni
In addition to above, I would like to note that, according to Japanese The Other Wiki, riders from Kamen Riderkabuto has rarely use command "Put on" to re-equip armor and thus it's legimate entry.

  • EDIT* Checked, the example can be seen in episode 24, though only partial.
11:09:28 PM Jun 28th 2012
edited by DragonRanger
Good to know I'm not alone in this. I will admit that I'm one that's never actually watched any Kamen Rider series beyond random YouTube clips, but I've read up on the franchise both here and elsewhere and never ever got the impression that Wing Form was weaker than Sword Form. Sword Form's not weak by any means; but like I noted on the Lightning Bruiser page: Sword is strong, Wing is stronger.
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