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11:02:03 AM Apr 5th 2018
I'm mildly surprised there's no 'anime' section here—while the medium might lack for examples (like web originals?), I can think of at least two off the top of my head ('El Hazard' and 'Record of Lodoss War') which would both apply. Might as well add them, and hopefully others will contribute more.
07:11:55 PM Jan 13th 2013
What is it when the world is packed with so many species, you hardly ever see one more than once (unless, perhaps, you look really hard)? Is it just Multicultural Alien Planet ad extremum? See "Star Wars" "Astray3" and "Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire" as examples.
07:45:32 PM Jan 13th 2013
^How are Star Wars and Buck Godot "ad extremum" examples?
02:56:47 PM Dec 21st 2011
I'd like to say that this is more realistic than Planet of the Hats but... Look at our own world; much of the culture is slowly starting to become the same "Western" culture. Heck, nobody seems to even wear different clothes anymore - you can find people wearing tshirts and jeans in pretty much every corner of the world. Thoughts?
07:29:52 PM Dec 21st 2011
We're also forming a new subculture at least once a decade. And clothing isn't all there is to culture by any means. And many countries are actively trying to preserve their cultures, as are their emigrants here in the States.
10:56:44 PM Dec 21st 2011
edited by reyairia
Subcultures can come and go, though, in short periods of time.

And while they are trying to preserve their culture, the fact that they actually have to take measures for it helps illustrate my point.
08:09:54 AM Dec 22nd 2011
Not a single empire in history has been culturally homogenous. Not the Egyptians, not the Persians, not the Romans, not the Spanish, not the British, not the Americans.

I doubt even Orwellian thought-police could prevent Memetic Mutations
11:43:19 AM Oct 27th 2011
Cut this from the page, as it only seems related to accents, which is not this trope:

02:56:09 PM Dec 21st 2011
edited by reyairia
ah crap, accidentally replied to the wrong topic. >.<
08:16:56 PM Oct 25th 2011
Apparently neither Doctor Who sub-example is actually an example. The first one is about aliens with various real-life accents: that's Aliens of London. The second is a weak example: rather than distinct ethnicities, cultures, and traditions on a planet it's one family from a culture that is unusally malign by that culture's standards.

  • Doctor Who
    • The Doctor speaks with an accent. Which accent depends on the incarnation. The original series Doctors mostly tended towards Received Pronunciation, Seven sounded Scottish, Eight sounded Liverpudlian, Nine Mancunian, Ten had the accent of Estuary London* , and Eleven has a Northampton accent.
    • The Slitheen. The two parter has the Doctor assuming for a good portion of it that the Slitheen are a race of aliens, but then finds out the Slitheen is the surname of the family he's dealing with and that they are considered evil even by the rest of their species.

      Most characters still end up referring to the race as Slitheens since the alternative is "Raxicoricofallapatorians".
09:13:09 PM May 29th 2010
Okay, so this trope isn't as common as Planet of Hats. And maybe it should've been YKTTW'd first. But I can think of other examples.
03:02:01 AM May 30th 2010
edited by macroscopic
This definately needs a rename if it's kept around. The name itself doesn't carry the meaning on its own well, and the Trope Namer was apparantly a handwave about Fantasy Counterpart Culture, not this.
05:34:03 AM May 30th 2010
edited by SomeSortOfTroper
I note the Not a Subversion of Planet of Hats being mentioned in the first paragraph. This will need a description and name that reflects how this is more than just averting Planet of Hats.
03:18:13 PM May 30th 2010
I actually like it as is, with it current name. It actually can coexist with a Planet of Hats, incidentally. On Babylon 5, Londo Mollari and Lord Refa shared a similar accent, but most Centauri didn't. The Centauri are still (sorta) a Planet of Hats, but one which apparently has minor regional variations.
04:12:36 PM May 30th 2010
That case with the Centauri is actually the sort of thing I expect the name to be about. It's also the trope that I would expect to be an actual trope. I look at the name and the examples and I see cases where the writers are moving away from Planet of Hats so much as explaining the fact that this time they've cast a black guy or a Mancunian in terms of "regional variations" without having the counterparts realise a proper varied world like we live in.

The problem is that the entry description is just talking about bland aversion of Planet of Hats and writing something as being just like real life would have it. That's Societies Sit On Chairs.
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