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01:48:59 PM Sep 1st 2012
edited by NimmerStill
Muggles are often FlatEarthAtheists as well, sometimes by definition if the special power of the main characters is mainly knowing what's really going on, as in Men in Black, Torchwood, some aspects of Buffy. Should that be put in?
10:26:14 AM Dec 9th 2011
Jeez, that real-life section is depressing. Aren't there any sane people who think of themselves as being better and more special than others for having interest in interesting fiction instead of, say, reality shows and sports?
01:03:02 PM Dec 9th 2011
Yeah, I'd support killing it. Those aren't really examples anyway.
02:22:21 PM Aug 10th 2011
whats the difference between Muggles and Mortals
05:28:20 PM Nov 19th 2011
The non ordinary people aren't always immortal, if they are, like in Wizards of Waverly Place then the non wizards are called mortals.
06:43:30 PM Dec 8th 2010
genkracken: I'm going to add a re-direct for "Mundane(s)" to this page, as the pre-Harry-Potter concept of "mundanes" seems to be the same thing. I see Dr Dedman mentioned something similar in the archived discussion, and Shiralee seems only to have objected to the idea of flat-out renaming the trope from Muggles to Mundanes.
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