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08:46:12 PM Aug 10th 2016
So, I'm not sure if this is worth a YKTTW, but I've sort of noticed a subtrope of this where the main character will have two main members of a group of muggle best friends - a responsible girl who tries to make sure he does the right thing/takes care of himself, and an irresponsible boy who wants to share porn/ go gambling/ something like that. examples:
  • Code Geass: Shirley and Rivalz, particularly over Lelouch's cutting class with Rivalz to go gamble.
  • K: Kukuri and Souta - Kukuri tries to make Shiro eat more vegetables, Souta is a typical teen boy.
  • Birdy The Mighty Decode: I forgot their names, but they're there. There are two guys, and they're into Birdy's model alter-ego.

I think Guilty Crown has copies of the Code Geass set, too (Hare for Shirley). Kyuma and Shoko from Valvrave the Liberator could be an inversion until they're not ordinary anymore?
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