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09:20:35 PM Jul 13th 2014
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Would Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII count? I've noticed some things about her that I think could land her here, such as her skimpy, midriff revealing outfits and some of her poses. I just want your opinion on this.
01:29:44 AM Jul 14th 2014
Given the redefinition that was discussed in the repair shop, methinks you'd have to demonstrate that she offers the most fanservice out of all characters.
08:55:02 PM Jul 15th 2014
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I read it. since when did the subject of fanservice become so controversial?? Geez! It's starting to become as bad as all that Complete Monster crap that people keep brining up! But you gotta admit; she actually is rather hot
01:41:55 AM Jul 16th 2014
Well, why would I consider her hot? I haven't played the game.

Also, the reason fanservice tropes attract so much controversy is because of people shoehorning poor examples in.
10:02:49 PM Jul 16th 2014
Google some pics of her and see for yourself
11:53:47 PM Jul 16th 2014
I only see a fighter woman. Nothing hot about her. It may qualify as Ms. Fanservice but that is not sufficient evidence.
07:21:03 AM Jul 17th 2014
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I don't think Yuffie applies when Tifa "Hot pants, a midriff-bearing tanktop, and suspenders are the best combat gear. By the way my boobs are massive" Lockhart exists.

EDIT: Sorry, my bad. It's a miniskirt. That's about the length of hot pants.
01:10:52 PM Jul 17th 2014
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Just be careful there. I just wanted to know about if Yuffie would fit, not start a flame war between Yuffie fans and Tifa fans. Not that that's happened so far, but... you know. Anyway, Even if she doesn't quite belong, she's still obviously Hotter and Sexier in Dirge of Cerberus. Maybe not quite to the point of Fanservice, but...
02:52:08 PM Dec 8th 2012
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Do we need to re-work the description for Ms. Fanservice?
12:07:11 AM Nov 6th 2013
Not so much "re-work" than "clarify". And for courtesy's sake, a link to the forum discussion that started this.

Regarding the example of Highschool of the Dead that you put forth... I personally think each of the protagonist group's girls qualifies as a Ms. Fanservice, with the caveat that Shizuka (the teacher) is more or less an Exaggerated Trope version of Ms. Fanservice when compared to the rest.
12:09:53 AM Nov 6th 2013
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That's honestly a good way to put it. I do think we need to clarify more than re-work.

I think the general skin-showing guidelines can be kept, so what can we rework it into?
09:01:22 AM Nov 13th 2012
"Please note that there is no requirement to actually be single to fit into this trope. Many of these characters are married." Isn't part of the whole point of the "Ms." honorific that it's neutral to marital status?
01:05:06 PM Nov 13th 2012
It's more of a preference thing these days than anything.
05:31:48 PM Mar 10th 2012
Seems like people are using this mostly for "I think this character is hot," really. (although at least on the video games page some of the examples are definitely *meant* to be fanservice. *ahem* Miranda. I don't know about other pages.)
05:49:00 PM Mar 10th 2012
Well, I can't speak for all the examples, though it does seem like a few examples go a bit too far, like the writer was getting turned on just thinking about it. Still, if there's specific examples you think aren't MEANT to be "Ms. Fanservice" by the creators of the work, delete it, and PUT IN A REASON. If there's a dispute, someone can re-add it and explain why it should be there. If a Edit War ensues, take it to the repair shop.
04:53:34 AM Sep 16th 2011
Am I the only one who thinks that we need a {{Ms. Fan Disservice}} Trope?
01:42:08 PM Oct 14th 2011
I believe we have such a trope in the form of Gonk.
02:05:07 AM Oct 19th 2011
Oh! Thatís rite.
08:51:45 PM Aug 14th 2011
A note on the page quote: Servalan's trademark dress doesn't feature Absolute Cleavage; it's split from the crotch to the ankles, not from the neckline down. See here.
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