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07:18:27 AM Jan 22nd 2014
Kinda iffy on the page quote. I read it, but with no context it isn't really obvious that it's a motive rant.
07:22:44 AM Jan 22nd 2014
It seems clear to me.
01:43:59 PM Jun 20th 2013
Interestingly used on an episode where a man is on trial for manslaughter; specifically, he a trained psychologist accused of pushing his daughter-in-law to suicide. On the witness stand, he confesses to murder. The problem being that if he's found innocent of manslaughter, he can't be tried for murder for the same crime; double jeopardy. (He's convicted of man 1, and Adam Schiff points out that if he was guilty of murder, he just got himself "one hell of a plea deal.")

Neat episode ending, but Fridge Logic and Artistic License - Law. Double Jeopardy is you can't be tried twice on the SAME facts: if NEW evidence turns up you can be tried again and again as long as the NEW evidence is substantial enough. Confession in front of Witnesses is big enough to count as new evidence.
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