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01:16:57 PM Sep 24th 2013
Can I add on the main page that there is a way to pull this off, though it takes a lot of tweaking and careful calculation? Probably not, because it would probably take too much explaining to write out. But I want to point out there can be a way of using this trope in a good way. For instance, it can show that maybe the character in question has other issues they need to come to terms with that are made clear to the viewers/readers by their Motive Decay.
10:24:14 AM Aug 22nd 2012
Should we keep quote from The Simpsons on the top? Because blocking Springfield from the sun is not an example. Mr. Burn's mean to satisfy his green was cartoonish, but his goals were the same - make profit.
06:07:23 PM Apr 4th 2011
What happened to all the Real Life examples? Have we decided that they shouldn't be there or something?
02:58:21 AM Dec 20th 2010
Any way to make this a self-demonstrating trope?

I can't think of anything funny ATM but it would be along the lines of the trope description becoming increasingly frantic and then eventually linking to completely unrelated tropes by the end.
08:12:04 AM Nov 15th 2010
Made a big rewrite of this page, were to start.

See this page for justification.

It is a more common trope for villains but there is no reason, (other than a basic understanding of storytelling) why it doesn't apply to heroes more. It may be confused with it's SisterTrope Flanderisation.
08:02:45 PM Feb 20th 2012
I think it still needs to be rewritten. You stated it's just about when something loses depth for no reason but because Tropes Are Not Bad I think it should talk about why someone's motives can decay overtime while still remaining consistent. It should be as much about Character Development as Character Derailment and everything in between.
02:13:53 PM Apr 8th 2010
Nuking two recent Justifying Edits...

  • Fan theory is that the First knew what it was doing all along, and wanted to be defeated, thereby tipping the scales even more in the favor of Good so that the balance would be even more upset and it could do something bigger later. Like, say, Buffy Season 8.

I've read Buffy Season 8: the First isn't in it and nothing like that's suggested. A Justifying Edit that cites Epileptic Trees as the justification is just all kinds of wrong.

  • To be fair, "I want what other people have" is a pretty simple motivation to start with. Ganon's core motivation has always been the same: he wants to have power over the rich country that borders his own land. The only confusing bit is how his process of taking over always seems to involve flooding the land with monsters and/or shrouding the land in darkness, and often killing or driving out the current occupants of said land. Maybe it's not so much envy as it is spite...

There's some stuff in that entry that could probably be worked into the main point, but the way it's phrased, it's Conversation in the Main Page, better suited for starting a topic here than among the examples.
09:23:50 AM Oct 4th 2010
Does anyone know of a different picture that might work as page picture here? The one on the page is also page picture for And That's Terrible.
06:06:34 PM Nov 14th 2010
Cleaned up the pokemon example that wasn't about villains/antagonists and added the warcraft picture. Also changed the laconic to be more clear
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