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06:37:47 AM Sep 12th 2017
Is it okay if we make a redirect for Geeks in general? Because there is a similar misconception to geeks in general hence the stereotype that All Geeks Are Perverts, especially if we're talking about anime
08:15:34 PM May 29th 2015
edited by themidgetflea
The achilles heel of this article is how people understand the word "gamer." The way I take it is that a gamer dedicates a significant amount of time to video games and has more than a casual interest, and I know thats how a lot of other people feel that way as well. I see people who only play video games occasionally as simply, "people who play video games," which can easily be anyone.

However, that is only just my opinion, take it or leave it as you will. I'd like to know where that "60% of gamers are female" stat came from, because thats completely new to me. I've heard 40% (to which I have a cited a reliable source below), up to 45%, but never more than 50%. And considering that 40% of people playing games are female I think it's important to pierce the surface of the basic figures of female gamers and really understand whats going on. This study shows that 40% of gamers are female. However, of those female gamers 80% listed the Nintendo Wii as their primary system compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3. By comparison, only 41% of male gamers said the same. This is important to consider because the Wii system targets a broad audience, the fact that anyone of any age or gender should own or play one should not come as a surprise.

This study is even more significant, because it breaks down genre audiences by age and gender. There is a chart there that best shows this, but here are the games that each demographic prefers, and with the exception of "Casino/Poker" games there is a significant majority held by one gender. "Men 20-35: Shooter, Racing, Action RPG, Card Battle, Strategy Male 35-50: Casino/Poker Women 20-35: Brain/Quiz, Mgmt/Sim Women 35-50: Slots, Solitaire, Social Turn-Based" I thin this is important because I don't believe most of the games outside of the "Men 20-35" section are what most people think of and consider to be games. Consider that "Casino/Poker," "Slots," and "Solitaire" are direct substitutes for things available in real life. And this study shows here that men spend far more time playing video games than women.

Anyways, I hate having to be serious, but I know this is a very contentious subject that could incite edit wars and arguing among the discussion section, so I'm just putting the hammer down showing what the stats really are and hope future editors will use this information in editing and writing for this article. I openly invite anyone to challenge me on what I've said, but if you're challenging my information backed by research I want to see credible research as well.
12:28:34 AM Jun 15th 2013
The 2nd-to-last paragraph says that there's not a clear consensus on how the gaming population's gender ratio works out, so why bother vaguely mentioning unreliable statistics? I think axing out the 2nd and the 2nd-to-last paragraphs could make it clear this is a trope and not an educational piece on demographics, otherwise the article is inviting an edit war. Putting on a pot of coffee and setting out some finger foods for edit wars. Maybe looking forward to catching up with edit wars.
02:09:48 AM Jan 22nd 2013
Girl gamers hate boy gamers because most lead role characters are male.
11:41:02 AM Feb 28th 2011
At least 50% of gamers are female? I find that very hard to believe, whatever constitutes someone as a "gamer" in those results is surely not the same definition most people use.
12:16:52 PM Mar 23rd 2011
I know that where I live, it is still very much a rare thing to meet a girl who plays video games. However, this is only if you don't count things such as Facebook games (farmville) or iPhone app games and the like.

As I said in the other topic, it's console gaming that still seems to be male-dominant. With the exception of the Nintendo Wii, game consoles like the XBOX still appear to have a primarily male population. At least in my experience.
10:25:34 PM Jun 13th 2011
Whereas most women I know would be insulted if someone suggested female gamers just play Peggle and Farmville. Saying women don't play "real" games is sorta like saying women don't read comics.
07:15:02 PM Aug 11th 2011
You might actually be surprised at how many female players play 'under cover,' as it were. I and many other girl gamers I talk to tend to keep mum about their RL gender in online games due to wanting to avoid criticism. Women being insulted due to their gender ("Girls can't play games!") or just plain being subject to sexist insults, ("Go make me a sammich" is a common and fairly mild one) can make some women hesitant about outing themselves. In my experience, possibly 10% of players I interact with on a daily basis in World of Warcraft are women, and those are the ones that I KNOW.
10:49:09 AM Jul 15th 2012
Well, if it's included games like Wii sports/fitness and Animal World or whatever it's called - basically, things that appeal to casual gamers - then a higher proportion will be female than if you only count hardcore gamers. There's still a stigma to females being hardcore gamers.
10:38:01 AM Sep 10th 2012
I think one study showed about 70% of casual gamers are female, while the 15-28 male range is now mostly FPS and sports games. Girls also tend to play a lot more JRP Gs, MM Os, and action-adventure games now than they used to, where the split is fairly even.

In short: genre matters. Over all, girl gamers still only make up a little more than 40% of all gamers.
06:04:21 PM Aug 5th 2017
edited by bethnotdeath
I'm a girl, and I play games obsessively. Not just Sims or Animal Crossing, but strategy games, indie games, nintendo games (obsessed with tloz a little much), Portal, some Fallout, stealth games, RP Gs, JRP Gs (PERSONAAA), more indie games, Spore, and a lot of listening to video game music on my phone (especially zelda music and katamari damacy hehe). I'll admit I got my start on a nintendo DS Tinkerbell game, but hey, I was like 4 or 5, so... While my sister and I were asking for more and more cartridges every year, our friends (also girls) introduced us to Pokemon, which we loved. We played more and more Pokemon, Mario, etc. until my cousin showed us some YouTube gamers which was when we really started us on the path to liking every genre but maybe shooters, gta, and lots of others probably. I mean, I'm too chicken to watch horror without jumpscare times, let alone play it. My sister loves it though. I have friends that spend all their time on shooters, too.

Sorry for all that useless info. I got sidetracked a lot. I guess I'm trying to make the point that about half of my friends are female gamers and maybe you guys just haven't found us yet. We are often *realllllllly* secretive and I usually don't tell anyone until after we're friends while I force them to like games I like. To tell the truth, I haven't met any male gamers that know as many *different* games as I do. Ok, so I'm not very good at lots of them, but oh well. I'm happy just experiencing them :)
09:22:38 AM May 10th 2010
This article needs a dose of Tropes Are Not Bad. Games that appeal to male tastes are not bad. A lack of games appealing to an apparently ignored female gamer base is bad. And the female gamers I know are happy enough with their options (there are more complaints about players than about the games themselves.)
05:51:08 AM May 18th 2010
I think the real problem with the trope is that people assume "male tastes" to encompass everything except Bejeweled, Peggle and The Sims. The increasingly complex and artistic nature of video games has led to far closer gender parity in gamers than people are willing to admit. Many women enjoy mainstream games - a good story with entertaining characters and enjoyable gameplay can be appreciated by anyone, and people tend to ignore the fact that a game featuring a Third-Person Seductress will also invariably include some Mr. Fanservice as well - and while Halo and Gears of War may well be wildly successful, all that tells us is that most Xbox gamers are male, a point I wouldn't even begin to doubt. One can generalize across an entire population, but not between individuals. Now more than ever, the entire trope seems outdated.
08:11:38 AM Dec 2nd 2010
"Now more than ever, the entire trope seems outdated."

I wouldn't be so sure. I live in a first world country, and it's a view that's commonly held up in the mainstream - if newspaper articles bother to point out that "much more women play videa games than the reader might think", it's because they suppose that most people think women don't play much videao games at all.

As for the gaming community, I've recently been told "wow, a girl playing video games? That's uncommon" by a MMORPG player less than 30 of age. He wasn't being ironic. So I'd that this myth still exists. Even if it's at least partly a myth.
04:24:51 PM Feb 9th 2011
Sure, it's still a commonly held view. Frustratingly commonly held. And it's still not true. As you said, it's a myth. As I said, now more than ever.
12:14:26 PM Mar 23rd 2011
If you just say video games in general, then yes, this trope is false.

But, when people think "gamer", they often think of console games, e.g. Nintendo, Playstation, XBOX, etc...

While especially with the release of the Wii, even console games see a large number of female players, it's still easy to think that males outnumber them in this category by a fair amount.
04:49:21 PM Jun 24th 2012
I don't think it's a matter of gaming system, but genre and themes. Most female gamers I know aren't really interested in run and guns or hack and slashers, for example (not to say that it's always the case).
10:39:33 AM Sep 10th 2012
Truth. Girls tend to like games with well written stories (RP Gs, action-adventure) or are easily picked up and put down (Angry Birds, Farmville).
06:16:28 PM Aug 5th 2017
I think I really agree with Draco Kanji with the story thing. As a female gamer, I'm often motivated by the story of a game. Although I think I most often like possibilities, like having different ways to play a game. Is this typical with other female gamers?
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