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01:40:59 PM Sep 7th 2014

The reason why I don't think Bakusaiga is an example is because it did not kill Naraku completely even when Sesshoumaru hit him directly with it, it was destroying his body but it was Kagome's purification arrow that ultimately killed him. It was probably because Naraku had already absorbed the Jewel but it was expected that he would eventually do that, so for Bakusaiga to really fit this trope it would've had to be able to kill a Jewel empowered Naraku.

"Killing Naraku with that sword was explicitly stated as possible"

Byakuya says Naraku doesn't stand a chance against Bakusaiga but he was taunting Sesshoumaru to use it. It was also stated that Naraku couldn't be killed by a sword.

In the end it really was a group effort between Kagome's arrows, Meidou Zangetsuha and Bakusaiga that destroyed him.

05:29:18 PM Sep 7th 2014
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Well, the reason why I thought it was More Than Infinite is because everyone in the story (inside and outside the body) acknowledged that Bakusaiga ended things for Naraku, broke his body apart and was the reason the jewel could be separated from Naraku's body. Even Naraku indicated a couple of times that he could still be physically killed while fused with the jewel, and that did happen. Kagome's power was required to fight the soul, which the swords couldn't do - but even she couldn't do that until Bakusaiga had destroyed the body and jerked loose the jewel.

However, I notice the trope is talking about power reaching infinite levels and requiring a power that is even better than that... which I have to admit (having reread the fight) that nobody's power ever reached. Naraku and the jewel were not infinite powers and neither Sesshoumaru nor Kagome had infinite powers. Sesshoumaru's sword (in fact both of them) could do things no other sword in the story could do, but I wouldn't describe either Sesshoumaru or Kagome as overcoming an 'infinite power'.

So, I agree to drop the sword from the trope.
07:10:18 PM Sep 7th 2014
While I still disagree with some of your points, it's moot since we agree about the trope. Thanks for discussing it.
05:29:15 PM Aug 24th 2014
For Animated Films, specifically Toy Story, should Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase "To infinity and beyond" be listed, perhaps as this trope being invoked/discussed?
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