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02:29:39 PM Oct 13th 2015
Kinda stupid question, but when a work qualifies to have this trope, all the other morality tropes (Black and White, Grey and Black etc.) should be erased from the work's trope page? or should be condensed into bullets from this one?
03:25:23 PM Sep 14th 2015
I just wanted to say how disappointed I am that this trope already exists, because I wanted to call it 'Fifty Shades Of Grey Morality'.

Not because I think that book is an example, just because puns make me giggle.

But someone went and called it this.
05:02:16 PM Oct 15th 2014
Trope namer?
11:32:42 PM Oct 15th 2014
It's based on the "everything but the kitchen sink" expression (just like Fantasy Kitchen Sink) used to describe an expansive combination (as opposed to limiting itself to just white, black, and/or one or two shades of gray).
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