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11:22:39 PM Dec 13th 2013
If someone still wants a new picture, perhaps I could recommend Gunnerkrigg Court, Chapter 21, page 533, panel 2? Perhaps I'm misinterpreting something (since it's a joke I'm not 100% sure if it's this or Bathos), but otherwise, it appears to show it perfectly, in that one panel. (Here's a link... )
11:41:06 PM Sep 12th 2013
Ah,sorry:There's a dead link here and,in removing it,I seem to have checked out the page.
02:59:56 AM Oct 10th 2011
I propose an alternate name for this trope. Not necessarily renaming it, but a different name for the works that this is most common in. I, for one, was thinking of having the alternate name of Groening Gambit, since this trope is most common in his two famous works, Futurama and The Simpsons.

    The Simpsons 
  • The Simpsons Movie is chock-full of these moments: the first act has you laughing your ass off, making you think nothing can go wrong for the famous five. As the second act rolls around, you start to feel scared and little bit concerned as the entire populous is threatened by Idiot Hero Homer's selfish actions. When act II slowly transitions into III, you are slowly tugged at the heartstrings and even begin to cry as you think Marge is permanently leaving Homer with a recorded farewell that goes beyond any emotional depths explored in the series. As the third and final act comes, you are literally at the edge of your seat, clapping and cheering all of Homer's Crowning Moment of Awesome that he manages to pull off, because he manages to go through so much in the past 88 minutes.

  • "Treehouse of Horror IV" is one of those rare Simpsons Halloween episodes that manages to pull a double-whammy. The first segment, "The Devil and Homer Simpson", while initially portraying Satan as extremely terrifying, deconstructs him, making him out to be nothing more than a Used Car Saleseman. The next segment, however, "Terror at 5 1/2 Feet", is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Who else wouldn't be frightened by the fact that our lovable Heroic Sociopath went off the deep end because no one believed him about a gremlin almost killing every single passenger on the bus? Accidental Nightmare Fuel, indeed.

  • "Hello, Gutter, Hello Fadder" starts off as a very hilarious take on how a man's instant claim to fame through something mundane can greatly increase his ego and ruin the lives of those around them. It also ends on a very sweet note when Maggie, after being traumatized by Homer's previous attempts to bond with her, discards all reason and dives in, pulling her father to safety.


  • Futurama is loaded with these. For example, The Luck of the Fryrish begins with every pun imaginable about horse racing (and one about Quantum Mechanics, Just for Pun), leading to very harsh Take That! s on 80's, 90's and early 2000's life through the interaction of Fry and Yancy, then reveals that even though Yancy did treat him like crap throughout Fry's life, he deeply missed him, even naming his (Yancy's) son's name in honor of Fry.

  • Jurassic Bark had this effect, even on the animators. Likewise, "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", the pre-Un-Cancelled series finale, ended on a really heartwarming note, even after Fry's concert bombed miserably, and everyone who made a trade with the Robot Devil was undergoing the worst Humiliation Conga of their life. That, and it had a really powerful musical number.

02:24:53 PM Aug 30th 2010
About the new picture, I don't feel entirely comfortable with it. I don't have any suggestions, but it just somewhat bothers me.

Also, it's not a Mood Whiplash, I believe.
02:29:50 PM Aug 30th 2010
Maybe I have no sense of humour, but it skeevs me too. I'll try and look for an alternative. (And it seems like more Mood Dissonance than Mood Whiplash.)
06:38:19 PM Aug 30th 2010
I changed it back to the old one. It was done by an anon, with no reason, and looking at the talk pages it doesn't look like anyone even said "Hey, this picture should be changed."
12:11:19 PM Jul 4th 2010

I haven't seen the anime in a while, I stick to the manga, especially the first season however isn't the first part from early Watangashi, or Meakashi?
06:37:30 PM Aug 30th 2010
Original uploader here. It really is one episode difference; first pic is from ep 1 of Tsumihoroboshi, second pic is from ep 2.
03:23:39 AM Mar 11th 2011
Really? I swore that was Watangashi.
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