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11:11:16 AM Mar 20th 2012
ĽOne Avengers story had the Red Skull become the U.S. Secretary of Defense. ◦This caused more than a bit of Fan Dumb as it was during the Bush presidency and the name the Red Skull was using at the time had the initials D.R. OK, admittedly that's a funny coincidence, but "Dell Rusk" is an anagram of "Red Skull", so what else should the writers have called him?

It's not so hard to believe that Marvel Comics was deliberately saying "OMG Bush is Teh Nazi!" They haven't been afraid of making Presidents supervillains in the past, at least during Republican administrations. (Re the Secret Empire; Captain America punching out !Snakeman Ronald Reagan.)
01:01:33 PM Mar 20th 2012
That's quite possible, although my first thought was that Red Skull's pseudonym was probably a reference to Dean Rusk, another Secretary of State, as well.
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