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05:39:38 PM Jan 16th 2013
World War Z under Literature references a 'Type 3' of the trope when there is no Type 3 currently in the description. What?

I also can't figure out if the WWZ example fits 1 or 2.
02:11:28 PM Jan 22nd 2013
edited by SamMax
There may have been a Type 3 once upon a time, but I didn't know this page even existed until the day of writing this, so I don't know for sure. Also, I've wasted too many opportunities to even research World War Z, so I don't know
03:46:06 PM Jan 22nd 2013
According to the extended history:

Type 3: Mission Control has been replaced by an impersonator.

was deleted because it could be lumped in with misleading.
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