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10:42:53 PM Jul 17th 2013
This was way too natterific.

From the Black Tower /White Tower examples
  • Fridge Brilliance : from the moment a man touches Saiden, he has only a limited amount of time before madness and death claims him. He has to learn everything he can as fast as he can. Tick tock, Asha'man, tick tock.
    • It's stated that a lot of this stems from the two orgainzations having vastly different goals and recruitment pools. The White Tower is training a cadre of healers, scholars and politicians, and has strict prerequisites for joining and advancing. White Tower recruits need to build character, not just magical ability, and the Aes Sedai can't afford to lose anyone they've accepted. The Black Tower, conversely, has a recruitment pool of "every man who can channel" and is looking to field an army of sorcerer-soldiers now. With the pressure on, and the huge recruiting pool, a death or burn-out a day is "acceptable losses".

Somebody can move it to Fridge Brilliance pages.
03:09:01 PM Nov 16th 2011
  • The Book of Job may or may not feature this, depending on your interpretation. Job suffers at the hands of Satan because Satan bet against God on whether Job will crack when everything is taken away from him. In the end, Job gets back everything DOUBLE for putting up with Satan.

Examples Are Not Arguable
10:06:19 PM Aug 24th 2010
The song "A Boy named Sue" would go on this page, wouldn't it?
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