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04:18:49 PM Jan 29th 2014
Does anybody else think this needs a counterpart? Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield that technically have a single player, but generally is sucky and everybody only plays it for the multiplayer
07:43:12 PM Jan 29th 2014
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Probably would be a good idea for YKTTW. Misbegotten singleplayer mode.

Chromehounds, for example, had a 5 hour long glorified tutorial for its singleplayer, as it was a multiplayer-focused game.
02:17:07 PM Dec 11th 2013
Are the Zelda examples here really examples?

First off, the "multiplayer mode" in A Link to the Past is a whole separate game, Four Swords. Second, the multiplayer in the DS games isn't actually bad. Sure, the premise is simple, but that's doesn't necessarily make it an example here.
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