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04:39:54 PM Dec 26th 2013
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Hate to step on anyone's toes, but police are not "required" to read Miranda rights off a card (although many do for convenience and so they can say they read it off a card) in many states; having a suspect ("perp" is pretty much a word only used by NYPD and TV cops) sign a card is nice insurance but if you think all police officers carry a bunch of unsigned miranda cards around, you've been misinformed. I can tell you right now, I rattle them off by memory. I can rattle them off again in court, if asked. And if I were to get a word wrong it does NOT make a statement inadmissible in court- that sounds like the kind of thing a TV lawyer would say. The language is the Miranda warning was not defined by the federal case of Miranda v. Arizona. Further, different states and police departments use slightly different warnings. The only way something would get thrown out would be if the warning an officer gives is simply wrong- "You don't have the right to remain silent," for example!

So... yeah, someone's been roped in by tropes.
09:13:11 PM Dec 31st 2013
Why not edit the page then? Input from a real cop is very useful.
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