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05:55:49 PM Jul 21st 2015
On $inertron$ from Philip Francis Nowlan's 1928 novellas Armageddon 2419 A.D. and The Airlords of Han, I have not read the novellas in question, but presumably the reason it floats is that it just continues in a straight line from when it was on earths surface, rather than the curve which is required to stay in the same place relative to earth
03:06:12 PM Mar 29th 2013
Is the Warhammer 40,000 example this trope? It reads: "Warhammer40000 paradoxically plays this straight and inverts it at the same time. Chaos, its go-to Applied Phlebotinum, has the distinct property of being unpredictable, but acts unpredictable given this by being, to a degree, predictable. It's consistent in its nature of being entwined with the soul, affecting people with high psychic aptitude and areas of chaotic influence, but exactly how it affects these people and areas when it does so is characteristically unpredictable." That doesn't sound like this trope.
08:48:57 AM Mar 10th 2013
Why not to rename this article to "Phlebotinum Physics"? We renamed "The Zenigata" and Lupin is a franchise WAY more known. Mynovsky particles aren't that common even in the Gundam Multiverse
09:46:36 AM Aug 30th 2011
I removed Nth metal and Speed Force. The Speed Force from the Flash is very clearly a hand wave for all the problems created by running at near the speed of light (it solves air friction, traction, impact, escape velocity, energy requirements, and can be used to make costume. Oh, and it's now revealed to originate from a stable time loop created by Barry Allen and flows in both directions timewise from that point.)

Nth Metal might once have counted as a Minovsky particle but definitely by the time of the Justice League animated series, it crossed over into Phlebotinum as the behavior of the mace is not at all consistent with the originally stated properties of the substance (you can come up with a consistent explanation but it would be a retcon, it was originally an anti-gravity substance for their harnesses and nothing more.)

Vibranium would seem to be pushing it. On the one hand, it can absorb kinetic energy, on the other hand, if that's the case, how can Capt America throw his shield? How does the shield ever bounce off of anything? But I left that alone. Adamantium is probably the only one left on the list that is clearly a minovsky particle. Its just a really really hard metal. With very few exceptions, its pretty much always just had that one property (I give adamantium a pass on those few exceptions because its hard to get every writer to always consistently portray anything.)
09:48:11 AM Aug 30th 2011
Mind you, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with speed force or nth metal. Tropes Are Not Bad and Tropes Are Not Good. This just isn't the trope for these two things. They're Phlebotinum.
04:44:58 AM Nov 8th 2017
So is anything out of Star Trek. Consistency between episode is almost never maintained.
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