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07:14:52 PM Nov 10th 2011
One-Scene Wonder implies that any character/actor who's a One-Scene Wonder thanks to a song should be in this trope, but the description of this trope strongly implies that this is for musicals only rather than works that have a short song each episode but other than that aren't musical. Just wondering which trope could use a very slight modification to the description before I add an example to the wrong one.
03:59:59 PM Nov 17th 2011
This trope only applies to musicals. Its about a character that sings an incredibly important/showstopping number, but who isn't all that important to the story.
12:53:14 PM Nov 19th 2011
Yes, I get that it's about a character that sings an incredibly important or showstopping number, I'm asking 'what if the showstopping number isn't in a musical.
04:52:30 AM Nov 20th 2011
Can you provide an example? I'm not sure I get what you're asking.