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02:12:23 AM Mar 10th 2017
Shouldn't Pern's Dragons link with their riders not be among the examples ?
12:45:24 PM May 20th 2017
05:54:12 PM Jul 25th 2013
Should the title of this page be changed? It seems rather sterile, and I can think of a more creative name for this trope.
10:29:09 AM Jun 22nd 2012
Chopped from film/Avatar about mindlink:

  • Which raises some interesting questions when you consider that it's the same thing you do to tame animals...
    • Not really. Tsaheylu isn't reproduction, it's a connection of minds and senses (plus the obvious difference between a sentient and non-sentient mind) - mated Na'vi will sometimes make tsaheylu without any further physical aspect.

Chopped so much blather about ElfQuest. I've tried to be as accurate as I can given I don't read it:

  • Technically, Recognition (as it's called) happens when the "reptile" part of the brain — left over from millennia ago, before the elves evolved to their current form — psychically connects with another "reptile" brain and the two realize that their offspring would be better equipped genetically than either parent (e.g., one has hearing problems but good eyes, the other has normal eyesight but good ears, so the kid would have good ears and eyes). The reptile brain then "persuades" the rest of the body to get together with the other elf (you go have sex "or I'll make you so sick, I promise!"). Oh, and this can happen multiple times — either with the same partner or with completely different partners. So, yes, genetics may override an individual's desire for monogamy.
    • It is not so much that they are better equipped genetically than either parent, rather, it is so hard for elves to successfully conceive a child (due to their natural longevity and the fact that they are descended from an alien race that evolved beyond the need for sexual reproduction, but needed to rediscover it to survive, they need a mechanism to know if they are genetically compatible.
    • It should be noted that this may happen even if the potential mates don't like each other. Dewshine and Tyldak, or even Leetah and Cutter at first, anyone?
    • It should also be noted that one or both of the Recognized pair may already be in a relationship with someone else, which either leads to drama or threesomes.
  • In ElfQuest, it's almost always threesomes. Unless one of the parents is a jerk.
01:01:14 PM Apr 18th 2011
malina in emperor's new school she seems she can read kuczo's mind!!!
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