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01:11:02 PM Jun 13th 2011
The archived discussion is correct; the current title is too... non-specific. "Miholland" doesn't even lend itself to numerous variations upon the same theme like "Xanatos" has.

The trope is not even about the relationship. The trope is about how much the storyline protagonist character thinks the storyline antagonist character values a MacGuffin.

It's a subtype of Plot Twist
04:03:55 AM Jun 29th 2011
Yeah, I think we can rename it. If nothing else, the etymology of the phrase has gotten lost.

Eric Burns-White didn't come up with that title. I did; but I can see the confusion. I was riffing on the Sorkin Relationship Moment, and that term was invented by Burns-White. That said? Yeah, it could use a better title.

The key element of the trope is that it's something that looks like a big deal, but is in fact much smaller than it appears. That should be the key to the title.
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