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10:52:03 AM Feb 25th 2013
Okay, how would you write something like Mickey Mouse turning evil? I know this is a terrible idea, but I've seen terrible ideas turn out amazingly well. I roleplay King Mickey from the Kingdom Hearts games and I figured if you're stuck in the Realm for a certain amount of time, you're bound to snap eventually. But itís Mickey Mouse. But itís a dark plot that gives him character. But people will never go with this. But it could make sense in the KH canon. I'm so conflicted!!!
01:57:10 PM Sep 9th 2012
I recently re-watched Mickey Mouse Cartoon - The Moving Day (1936) (Co-starring Donald and Goofy). This is a classic example of fridge horror. Now imagine this for a moment from the landlord's position. You've got three dead beat tenants that haven't paid rent in six months, and the law says you can't just kick them out. To make matters worse, as you're finally able to evict them, they cause a huge gas explosion, destroying your property beyond repair, and they laugh as they drive away.I wanted to add this into fridge horror myself, but I'm not how.
12:54:20 AM May 24th 2012
Umm, why is the YMMV locked?
02:28:02 PM Jul 8th 2011
This is a very inaccurate version of Mickey Mouse's history. We have him being mischievous at the very beginning and then almost immediately becoming a boring everyman. Has any troper here actually watched cartoons like SHANGHAIED and TWO-GUN MICKEY? Mickey actually evolved from mischievous brat into reckless adventurer and was quite popular as suchóin fact, he's kept that role in the comics forever. Mickey's becoming a more boring character really began a little later, around 1935, and seems to have been due to Disney staffers using the Mickey series to build up Donald and Pluto for solo stardom, without considering what it was doing to Mickey.
01:02:36 AM May 24th 2012
Is this David Gerstein(must be the blog name) who writes Mickey comics, and is on GAC forums? Anyway, I seem to get a lot of conflicting accounts about Mickey's decline. Some say it was because of the Hays Code(seems suspect), others say he was just pushed out of the spotlight. I remember Warren Spector(Epic Mickey) saying that all of his traits were just placed on his friends. Or..Walt saw Mickey as his avatar, and made him too clean, in order to make him the mascot of disney. And there are Mickey's detractors, who claim he was never interesting, so much as the situations he was placed into.
07:07:31 AM Feb 10th 2011
What would be the trope to describe how his ears always revolve to face the camera?
10:47:26 AM Mar 8th 2011
Hm...maybe he's a whole new trope altogether!

I also read that he rarely wears a shirt. I wonder how the furry fandom feels about that?
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