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07:12:57 PM Dec 10th 2013
The page image doesn't really feel right for this trope. It's actually pretty likely the artist took a look at the original draft and saw some serious Narm in the making. Plus, they are crying in the finished pic, just in a more "serious" and "dignified" manner. Seriously, we need a better page pic.
01:59:56 AM Dec 11th 2012
The title and explanation seem to point that something only fits the trope if people are hidden when crying or not shown to cry becuse they're men, this by defualt makes the trope YMMV, becuase we can't prove what the writer's intent is, besides, if you /ask/ them, 99% of the time they're going to say "Becuase they're too positive." or "Becuase they're embarassed." or "becuase it will make the situation worse."

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