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12:56:06 AM Oct 5th 2014
I'm confused about this page - are they saying that this trope is ALWAYS in effect?? I find that to be ridiculous, especially the part where it says that a female's actions are irrelevant to her attractiveness to the opposite sex!

I know of many people who have been in bad relationship with physically attractive women who were nasty and mean as hell so they dumped them, they didnt care how hot she was cos she was a nasty bitch! yes, I admit that at first glance a guy might not care about a woman's actions, only her looks, but that will wear off very quick if he finds out she is a nasty mean-hearted bitch!!!

so is this trope always in effect? I find it silly
01:46:41 AM Oct 5th 2014
It's a trope talking about gender expectations in fiction. Exceptions can occur, but we don't care how it works in Real Life.
11:52:17 AM Oct 5th 2014
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... A trope doesn't have to be "always in effect," either in fiction or in reality, to be a valid trope. A trope is just a recurring pattern in fiction. The different expectations applied to the two genders, as described on this trope page, definitely form a common pattern in fiction (and, yes, also in reality, if not to the same extent).

I'd be surprised if there was even one trope on this wiki that was literally always in effect.
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