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01:25:02 PM Sep 1st 2017
Suggestion: Change "Men are generic" to "Men are neutral/normal". "Generic" implies that men look alike, but the opposite is true: Men tend to be represented as physically more diverse than women, while women tend to look more generic.*

I order to convey that men are the norm, "generic" should be replaced with "neutral" or "normal" in the title.

  • Siede, "Every female face in recent Disney and Pixar movies looks the same", AV News.
05:18:57 AM Dec 1st 2015
Just thought I'd leave a note here to explain my deletion of one of the examples. I'm a bit of a noob here so hopefully I'm doing it right. The example gave unisex clothing as a real life example. It claimed women have proportionally shorter torsos than men, but "unisex" clothing is sized with a longer, male torso in mind. In fact (somewhat unsurprisingly considering evolutionary "roles") men have proportionally longer legs and shorter torsos than women. The fact that it can seem the other way round is probably down to women often being more slender and different fashions (women wear trousers higher than men).

Regardless, it wouldn't make sense for a unisex item of clothing to be too small in some proportions for one sex or gender.
07:32:01 AM Apr 18th 2012
edited by Wolfzoon
In Dutch, the archaic word for "doctor" is "geneesheer", which approximately translates to "healing man". There is a gender-neutral word for it, "geneeskundige" ("healer"), but it's hardly ever used since people use the words "arts" or "dokter" instead... which are both masculine nouns.

Needless to say, this will be a rant about Dutch. For your enjoyment, take an English version as well:

These words aren't masculine at all, there are no female words for "arts" or "dokter", it's simply the job description! What should be noted are "fireman". Or the word for paramedic: "ambulance brother". And it's the other way around as well: "Sister" is used when referring to a nurse, and stewardess is the normal way of calling that job as well. I was hired at a supermarket as a "kassiere", a female cashier, the ad said "Wanted: kassiere, (M/F)"


Wat. Wat zijn de "vrouwelijke" woorden voor arts en dokter dan? Artsin? Artses? Arts is dubbelslachtig! Had hier dan brandweerman gebruikt. Of ambulancebroeder. Bovendien zijn er genoeg woorden waar het andersom is; "Zuster" in de zin van verpleegkundige, of stewardess. Ik was ingehuurd bij de Albert Heijn met "Gezocht: kassiere (M/V)"

02:14:09 AM Apr 18th 2012
Women are Special, quoted verbatim by Ann Romney.
12:16:38 AM Feb 4th 2012
Shale in the DLC for Dragon Age Origins. I honestly thought golem = male (if any gender). Boy was I wrong.
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