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01:09:19 AM Aug 17th 2012
For this, does the hair have to be curled? Or is it just two pigtails (straight or curled) that are larger than the head combined?
12:44:10 PM Jul 9th 2012
When I cleaned up the wicks for Ojou Ringlets, I found a lot of cases where a character had pigtails with corkscrew curls that weren't thick enough for this trope. They're not Ojou Ringlets, because they aren't in the right place. They're not really Regal Ringlets, because the pigtails are too casual of a hairstyle. The only place they really fit is Girlish Pigtails, but they seem to have the personality requirements of this trope more than that one.

Are we maybe missing something here, the way the ridiculously oversized Ojou Ringlets like those seen on Exaggerated Trope are actually the same trope as the tiny ones seen on Ojou Ringlets?
05:53:18 PM Jan 28th 2012
Do the Twi'leks of Star Wars count?
06:28:37 PM Jan 28th 2012
No. Not actual hair.
03:49:40 PM Apr 5th 2011
Where do we put Hatsune Miku on this page: Video Games or Manga/Anime? I'm tempted to create a Web Original folder just to put her in it.
03:57:03 PM Apr 5th 2011
edited by DragonQuestZ
I'd say web original.

EDIT: Then again, it looks like just, plain long hair in pigtails, not so puffy they could fit her head.
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