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08:42:25 AM Oct 8th 2011
Should we change the page image to one that actually shows X upgraded and more of Zero?
09:55:41 PM Apr 28th 2011
Do we really need all the tropes that Zero uses in his fighting games? Are they relevant to this series?

Hm, maybe I should have asked this before scattering those tropes to the four corners of the subpages.
06:57:55 PM Apr 2nd 2010
Where is X's early bird cameo in Megaman And Bass?
01:27:19 AM Nov 20th 2010
No offense, but what the hell is going on, DAN 004? Why are you doing nothing but removing other people's contributions when they're perfectly valid?
04:20:21 AM Nov 20th 2010
edited by DAN004
What? What did I remove?

BTW, in Megaman & Bass, it's Zero's early bird cameo.

EDIT: Ok, I saw the page history and I seemingly delete some entries that I've never seen before. And when I look down, I saw another troper with an entry that overlaps with mine.

So because I click the "save" button in the edit page a bit later than that troper, I override his(her?) entries.

Well, I don't know the real case. Sorry before.

EDIT: It's now fixed.
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