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10:31:14 AM Apr 22nd 2013
There's an error in the description of the British ratings:

  • Take, for example, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, which features a background striptease, getting the PG rating. It was originally rated an A (which would be a 15 certificate today).

Wrong. The BBFC ratings were originally U (everybody), A (most everybody, but adults advised to think whether this is really suitable for their children) and X (adults only). Sometime in the early 1970s was introduced AA (suitable for adults and older teenagers only), which the above troper seems to have confused with A. Then sometime after 1982, three of the ratings were renamed; A to PG, AA to 15, and X to 18. Their scopes didn't change, just the names. Thus an A rating originally (e.g. TRON) would be a PG rating today.

03:21:38 PM Nov 6th 2012
Does this article belong in the Useful Notes namespace?
10:48:42 AM Jan 25th 2011
Radar Systems and Media Classifications seem to cover a lot of the same ground, can we merge both tropes and then rebuild a better structure for it? Splits for video/tv/film classifications by country to make the article a bit more, i don't know.. managable?
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