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07:28:15 PM Jun 14th 2017
edited by AxiomaticViperine
Hey tv tropes. I noticed that you put a fanfic series on this site, and I figured that it would be nice to see Pride land adventures on here. If it's possible for you to put it on this site, or if it's possible for me to do so, here's the link. I'm the creator of Pride land adventures by the way. Here's a link in case you're unfamiliar.
05:10:03 PM Jun 30th 2017
Please don't advertise works here. TV Tropes is about gathering and listing tropes and cliches from various forms of media, not advertising works.
06:59:21 PM Jun 30th 2017
You want a page, you can create it yourself, but remember that The Fic May Be Yours, But The Trope Page Is Ours and that you need to follow How to Create a Works Page.
05:32:45 PM Oct 11th 2016
I don't know how to use the thing like what to do in edits and other stuff.
02:12:05 PM Sep 1st 2016
Shouldn't unproduced scripts count as print media?
02:20:03 PM Sep 1st 2016
Not really. They might literally be printed out, but they're not print media in the sense that they're made with a printing press
03:23:47 PM Sep 1st 2016
edited by jormis29
11:47:18 AM Aug 20th 2016
happy cat
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