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10:41:27 PM Jul 7th 2012
Regarding the Tru TV slogan "Not reality, actuality.": a family member used to work at a radio station, and the word 'actuality' was used to mean an audio clip of an event played during a news report of that event. So it sounds sillier to us than it does to them. And the debasement of the word 'reality' by 'reality shows' is not their fault.
04:10:42 PM Mar 3rd 2011
edited by RTanker
Cut this:
* Many Atheists will consider "god" to be one of these words, especially if they've heard numerous bad arguments from theists.
Because whether you believe in God or not, the word has a very clear and well-understood meaning, known to believers and non-believers alike. A word is by itself never an example of this trope. The words Orwell lists on the quotes page like "birth," "death," etc., are likewise perfectly ordinary, clear words that are used in ordinary, clear ways all the time. They can be used in examples of this trope, as, I suppose, could the word "God," but none of these words are examples by themselves.
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