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11:18:02 AM Nov 24th 2017
I have a new only slightly changed name: Mayincaztec
06:44:33 PM Jul 26th 2017
The image looks quite small. Maybe we should use this larger pic instead?
04:06:28 PM Jul 27th 2017
I'm not too familiar to the image coding in the wiki, but can't you enlarge the current one by raising the Quoteright number while editing the page? That's how it works in Media Wiki sites, at least.
06:22:53 AM Feb 6th 2017
I thought up a Just For Pun name for this: Mocktezuma. Is it good, or is it too lame?
10:07:13 AM Feb 6th 2017
I won't say it's "too lame", but I'm afraid it's less explanatory than Mayincatec. Also name changes should be handled by Trope Repair Shop.
03:43:44 PM Apr 17th 2017
I like it as a redirect. It's funny.
06:00:44 PM Apr 17th 2017
I weigh towards allowing as a redirect but not as a new name for the trope (given that the historical person it puns on belonged to one of the three cultures only)
02:49:56 PM Jul 25th 2012
edited by OldManHoOh
Is the Doctor Who example an actual example of Aztec-Inca-Maya mashup Hollywood History? It's at least accurate and researched enough to point out women are educated, and names the god Tlaloc during one of the sacrifices.
05:18:39 PM Jun 24th 2012
It seems many tropers completely missed the point. This trope is about real-world cultures that were mistaken for one another, much like in 'Ancient Grome' trope, _NOT_ the fictional cultures based on Pre-Colombian Mesoamerican ones. In my opinion all entries like 'Tekumel' or D&D Maztica should be deleted.
02:05:36 PM Oct 12th 2010
Re: The Naruto example — Wait, what? Where the hell can that be found?
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