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06:22:53 AM Feb 6th 2017
I thought up a Just For Pun name for this: Mocktezuma. Is it good, or is it too lame?
10:07:13 AM Feb 6th 2017
I won't say it's "too lame", but I'm afraid it's less explanatory than Mayincatec. Also name changes should be handled by Trope Repair Shop.
03:43:44 PM Apr 17th 2017
I like it as a redirect. It's funny.
06:00:44 PM Apr 17th 2017
I weigh towards allowing as a redirect but not as a new name for the trope (given that the historical person it puns on belonged to one of the three cultures only)
02:49:56 PM Jul 25th 2012
edited by OldManHoOh
Is the Doctor Who example an actual example of Aztec-Inca-Maya mashup Hollywood History? It's at least accurate and researched enough to point out women are educated, and names the god Tlaloc during one of the sacrifices.
05:18:39 PM Jun 24th 2012
It seems many tropers completely missed the point. This trope is about real-world cultures that were mistaken for one another, much like in 'Ancient Grome' trope, _NOT_ the fictional cultures based on Pre-Colombian Mesoamerican ones. In my opinion all entries like 'Tekumel' or D&D Maztica should be deleted.
02:05:36 PM Oct 12th 2010
Re: The Naruto example — Wait, what? Where the hell can that be found?
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