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07:28:43 PM Oct 14th 2013
Master Race - Lord of the Rings

  • A key part of The Lord of the Rings is the Literary Agent Hypothesis, that it really happened about fourteen thousand years ago in Europe. Historically, most of those peoples were wiped out by an invasion out of the East by the Indo-Europeans, something a linguist like Tolkien would have been familiar with given that much of this historical knowledge was ascertained via lingual studies. Given the in-story comparative military bases of the Easterlings and the Dúnedain remnants, its pretty clear that Gondor screwed up royally, probably with corruption and alienation of surrounding powers, to be able to be so completely overthrown by the Men out of the East.

    • This is getting excessively Nattery, but - it's much more than fourteen thousand years. The setting can't be later than the previous interglacial, because there is FAR too much geologic change. That means it couldn't be less than ~100,000 years ago. Gondor may have screwed up SO totally as to have triggered the last Ice Age....

06:51:11 AM Aug 14th 2015
Tolkein said that the story of the fall of Barad-dur happened six thousand years before World War 2. It's referenced in the Tolkein Letters. Gondor's decline began almost as soon as Aragorn's son died.
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