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10:40:59 PM Apr 14th 2011
  • The Ray Sphere in inFAMOUS would fall into this.
    • Not really. It only grants superpowers to whoever activates it. Everyone else within a sizable radius just gets killed by the resulting explosion.
      • You're forgetting about all the other "Conduits" empowered by the blast.
        • Maybe. The source of the Conduit's powers is never explained, and they're mentioned in an audio recording before the blast actually happened.
      • Those same audio recordings also mention that in humans, the Ray Sphere can only grant powers to people who happen to be Conduits. Also due to all of the aforementioned Super Powered Mooks showing up and that two of the game's bosses stated to have received huge boosts in power following the blast (along with a certain endgame twist involving the main character), it seems fairly certain that the Ray Sphere does not give powers at all, instead jumpstarting or boosting existing ones.
Hence, it doesn't seem to be an example; if it is, then please de-natterify and re-add it.
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