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02:38:41 AM Mar 22nd 2011
Has mark read The Lord of The Rings? He should.
10:54:48 AM Oct 25th 2011
He just started with the Hobbit.
07:41:39 PM Dec 8th 2010
edited by dontcallmewave
I love how he start the review trying to hate it, but by the time he is halfway through the first book he is all: "OMGHARRYPOTTERISTHEBESTEVER!!!!!""

yeah... J K Rowling is awesome.
01:13:04 PM Nov 27th 2010
edited by Tabby
Now that Mark Reads is officially an ongoing thing (he's just started The Hunger Games), how do we want to play this? Create a new page for every work he does, fold the existing pages into subsections on one umbrella page, give him a subindex, lock the doors and pretend this never happened?
02:09:58 PM Dec 8th 2010
I would create a "Mark Reads" page and have MRHP and MRT as subsections. I think that would be most convenient for everyone -Sageofmudora
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