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06:09:46 PM Oct 20th 2011
Liv Tyler in "The Two Towers"? Arwen doesn't appear in the book. She graces the screen with her drabness in dull flashbacks and dream sequences. If she needed the screen time I'd rather they just put her in the corner of the screen every ten minutes.

IMDB says... "originally Liv Tyler's character Arwen (and love interest for Aragorn) was to be included in the fighting force of Elves who join the men in the battle of Helms Deep. This was a relic of the script treatment for Miramax, which condensed all three books into two films, and met with fan fury on the internet with its free-and-easy approach to J.R.R. Tolkien's work. Tyler had even trained with swordfighters in preparation for her scenes, when the decision to remove her was made by the writers, who realized that this approach wasn't working. Arwen, who doesn't appear in the book of "The Two Towers", was ultimately reworked into the story by lifting elements from the Appendices at the back of the novel, utilizing flashbacks to her and Aragorn at Rivendell. It took the writers about a year to come up with this solution."
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