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04:14:37 PM Dec 25th 2013
What would be the contrasting trope title? You know, kids who think & act like adults. I can already think of a handful of examples, I just don't know the trope name.
08:21:59 AM May 26th 2013
So, a Man Child is an adult that acts like a kid, whilst One of the Kids refers to someone who acts childish because they spend a lot of time around kids. The page image for Man Child shows an adult in a classroom whereas the page image for One of the Kids shows... a Man Child. Surely these images should be swapped around? What do you think?
04:33:31 PM Sep 29th 2012
Someone needs to clean this, Chris-Chan is on both this and Psychopathic Manchild
08:17:05 PM Oct 29th 2011
I don't know if I can add this. There is a 17 year old character from Kuroshitsuji named Soma. He'll be an adult in less than a year, but shows no signs of growing up. He leaves India to look for his nanny, is completely dependent on his butler for everything, throws tantrums, cries a LOT, & spends time trying to play games with a younger boy (ironically a very adult child who also happens to be his employer).
03:17:17 PM Sep 18th 2010
I'm still confused as to how this is different from Adult Child
01:44:04 PM Mar 5th 2011
edited by ading
This is about adults who act like children, Adult Child is about adults who spend a lot of time around children and act like children as a result.
03:43:15 PM Jan 14th 2012
Then we might need to prune some of the Adult Child potholes and fix them to point at Man Child instead. Case in point: Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
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