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01:19:13 PM Jun 27th 2012
Anachronism Stew - Remember the slight delay in UK trends. Flower Power through Glamrock into Punk ran 1970 to 1975 in the UK.

06:34:27 PM Jul 17th 2010
As much of a fan as I am, the page seems to have an overwhemlingly positive bias towards the film. I understand that it's best not to make everything so negative (especially considering the whole The Last Airbender debacle), but I figured that it's best to keep things neutral. The main beef I have with the page is the description, which seems to be quite the overwhelmingly positive, if you catch my drift.
08:42:37 PM Oct 22nd 2010
Done. I agree, it was pretty obnoxious. Hopefully this is an improvement.
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