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07:28:50 PM Aug 20th 2014
Am I wrong, or does the Real Life section come across almost like gloating? The previous section had direct examples with no actual stance being made, and it was scrapped and replaced with a subjective Author Tract.
12:10:26 AM Aug 21st 2014
I do not see "gloating"; but I see a couple of No Real Life Examples, Please! tropes that need to be scrapped.
03:06:33 PM Aug 26th 2014
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This page isn't under No Real Life Examples, Please!. And as for the "gloating" (couldn't think of another word), I refer mostly to the first sentence wicking Write What You Know while scrapping the entire existing (impartial and listed specific documented events with no opinions presented) section. And the "making our presence felt" thing comes across rather boastful.
11:20:48 PM Aug 26th 2014
Uh, no. This page not being NRLEP doesn't mean that other tropes which are should be cited in the Real Life section.

I personally don't think that that sentence is boastful.
01:34:05 PM Aug 27th 2014
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The Real Life section of this page is being discussed here.