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05:40:26 AM Jun 28th 2012
Is it really fair to call a character a "loser" just for being awkward and bad with girls?
06:37:48 PM Dec 13th 2011
I removed this because I really don't think it applies. Medea is Jason's girlfriend and she's a sorceress, but nothing else matches the trope description at all. She's not remotely a perfect person to date, Jason isn't a dopey socially inept but fundamentally good dork, and nothing in their relationship is played for laughs.

  • The witch Medea from Classical Mythology, who betrayed her kingdom and killed her brother out of devotion to Jason and then became his bodyguard and hitman. After hooking up with her, Jason apparently stood back and let her handle all the monsters, giant living statues, and enemy kings with her magic. And then he dumped her for a normal, beautiful princess and was surprised when she wouldn't stand for that... What an Idiot!
04:47:21 AM May 14th 2011
Under Western Animation Episode 34 of the Disney's Hercules Animated series 'Hercules and the Dream Date'. Basic plot Herc has a 'perfect girlfriend' made out of clay and brought to life by Aphrodite. Overly obsessive wierdness ensues. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hercules_%281998_TV_series%29_episodes
03:02:07 AM Feb 1st 2011
Would the Greek goddess Selene work as a Magical Girlfriend in the myth of Selene and Endymion? I haven't found a more fitting trope for that yet.
06:36:38 PM Dec 13th 2011
12:56:15 PM Jan 14th 2011
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Is there a gender flipped version of this trope? Because it's popping up a lot lately, the gender flipped version, especially in novels for teenagers like Twilight, and all that. If there's not, I might see about making one.
08:26:12 AM Dec 30th 2010
Casey and Andy?
02:50:19 PM Jun 29th 2010
How about Cameron from Terminator:TSCC, or Sarah from Chuck?