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12:55:30 PM Feb 14th 2014
The Laconic is misleading if there's going to be a RL section for this trope. Not that I really mind that much seeing as though I love the RL section.
01:16:11 AM Feb 15th 2014
Uh, yes. Not sure if cutting the Real Life section (thread) or fixing the laconic (thread) are the right steps to take, though.
03:40:22 PM Feb 12th 2013
The Walking Dead and in fact, any zombie examples on this page should note that these are human corpses. Which means they have been rotting ever since they died. Maybe a normal human skull wouldn't cave with one stomp or blow from a lead pipe, but one that has thoroughly rotted through probably would.
05:45:24 AM Feb 13th 2013
That's explicitly mentioned in the description. That said, bone doesn't "rot" that fast.
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